You Forget This [DREAM_133]

by Sangam



''You Forget This is an album steeped in sadness, regret, and grief. From the first of its twenty tracks to the last, electronic producer Sangam creates a mood of rain-soaked melancholy and profound introspection. In some ways, You Forget This is a single track, a near-palpable outpouring of hurt, and it’s almost impossible to escape the album’s spell. There’s much beauty to be heard in the web of beatless organ-dirge synth tones, but there’s little ignoring the isolated upheaval that wraps its sorrowful arms around every moment.''

''For the emotionally impressionable, You Forget This is the most potent of pills; a modern-day hymn for the lost and displaced. The cover image is of a city seen through a rain-streaked upper-story window; a fitting setting for the isolation that an urban sprawl can generate. When the world outside is chaotic and confusing, one can tend to turn inward, replaying memories and pondering past decisions; dwelling on mistakes through hindsight can be a dark and tempting mistress. Sangam is a conduit for all of this, conjuring the beauty of sadness with a magician’s refined flourish.'' - teutonkhamat


released November 3, 2016

Dream Catalogue